A Somersfield Education is a student-centric journey that prepares learners to succeed with confidence, awareness and compassion. Our internationally recognized, future-ready education inspires our students to explore their unique potential and to positively impact local and global communities.


 To nurture socially conscious, independent thinkers and equip them with
the skills and mindset for success in the 21st century.


A diverse and inclusive learning community

Growth and personal achievement

Trust, independence and authentic responsibility

Intellectual curiosity

Respect for self and others

The strength and courage to stand for what is right

A Diverse Learning Experience


We believe that a diverse and inclusive community is the richest learning environment for young people. Our mission is to support teaching and learning within our community by initiating and sustaining activities and discussions that promote understanding and respect.

We are responsible for building an environment of trust where each individual feels safe and included. We are committed to the challenge of confronting issues of injustice, discrimination, and intolerance and we encourage challenges to biases and assumptions.

We believe that by creating a safe and nurturing environment, our staff and students will feel empowered to maintain this inclusive attitude in their interactions with the local and global community.