Leadership Team

  • Establish clear channels of communication with Secondary Division Heads and Coordinators

  • Support faculty, students and families as we shift to a distance learning environment. 

  • Help teachers implement distance learning plans and check on learning experiences for all students.

  • Monitor Quality of Instruction and Plans

  • Monitor Faculty attendance - report any illnesses; ensure a substitute is available to conduct the lesson

  • Monitor student absences – report any illnesses



  • Facilitate one synchronous lesson for students in each class per week

  • Post work for distance learning twice per week for each class

  • Post all assignments on respective portal and update completion status

  • Communicate regularly with students and, as needed, with their parents

  • Provide timely feedback to support students’ learning (cc Learning Support for relevant students)

  • Collaborate with Learning Support teachers to ensure effective differentiation

  • Engage with the Secondary School tech facilitator/Anthony for additional support

  • Advisory teachers to check in with their students twice a week


Learning Support

  • Facilitate synchronous sessions with learning support students regularly to support them during distance learning

  • Available to consult with subject teachers and offer to assist in removing barriers to distance learning (e.g. scaffolding, chunking or adapting assignments)



  • Serve as liaison for communication with students/families in possible health/emotional crisis

  • Develop and tailor recommendations to teachers and administration based on specific crises (What are talking points for parents? How can teachers respond? How can support from counsellors be requested?)

  • Support Division Heads and Coordinators in following up on students who are not engaging with distance learning



  • Collaborate with colleagues to find and post resources for high-quality distance learning experiences and research – Give to Susan for website

  • Regularly check in with subject and classroom teachers to identify ways to support their design of distance learning experiences

  • Maintain and update online library site for obtaining resources

  • Be available for teachers and students as needed for support


Tech support

  • Continually monitor the needs of teachers, students and parents and troubleshoot their challenges, as needed

  • Be available remotely to provide on-demand tech support help

  • Review and develop tools and how-to tutorials, ensuring access to the necessary instructions to succeed in a distance learning environment