Driving success in the classroom — and beyond

Somersfield Academy has an outstanding team of dedicated instructors,

all of whom are determined to help students succeed.


Our team members offer support and guidance, uniquely tailored to each student.


Our goal is to provide an environment where teachers are valued for their outside-the-box thinking,

creative ideas, and exemplify teacher-student learning ally-ship.

Anca Ardeleanu
Lower Primary Teacher
Nicole J. Barrett
Upper Primary Learning Support Teacher
Anne-Laure Bazin
MYP and DP French Teacher, MYP Personal Project Coordinator, Model UN Coordinator
Antionette Bean
Afterschool Care Coordinator
Robyn J. Bean
Morning and Afterschool Care Supervision
Sierrah Berihuete
Lower Primary Teacher/Team Leader
Jenifer Bielby
Children’s House Teacher
Victoria Brewer
Strategic Planning Coordinator
Ras Stafari Burrows
Afterschool Care Teacher
Natalie Card
Children’s House French and Music
Denise Carpenter
Lower Primary Teacher/Team Leader
Lita Lee-Anne Cox
Children’s House Teacher
Richard Cunningham
Head of Mathematics/MYP and DP Math Teacher
Jenaia Curtis
Lower and Upper Primary Innovations Teacher
Alison Davis
Lower Primary Teacher
Christina Davis
Lower Primary Learning Support Teacher
Dionne Dowling
Finance/Human Resource Administrator
Tanisha S. Edwards
Upper Primary Teacher
Heidi Franklin
Upper Primary Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator
Arlene C. Galvez
M1-M3 Learning Support Teacher
Chantal A.Garnett
MYP and DP Math Teacher
Maria Hay
Upper Primary Teacher
Elizabeth Haycock
Children’s House Teacher
Christina J. Herzog
Lower Primary Teacher
Julia Hevia
MYP and DP Spanish Teacher
Tracy L. Houghton
Children’s House Teacher
Peter T.Howe
Head of School
Tamisha L. Jernigan
MYP Individuals and Societies/DP Business Management/ Community Project Coordinator
Sheree Johansen-Mullan
Children’s House Assistant Teacher
Charles Judd
Division Head Upper Primary/MYP
Melisa Judd
Co-Head of Student Support and Wellness
Bernard Kelly
Development Officer
Ellen M. Kelly
Afterschool Care Coordinator
Alison Kempe
Admissions and Parent Relations
Anne Kermode
Upper Primary Teacher
Nadia Khan
MYP Design Teacher
Fabienne Lee
Upper Primary/MYP French
Charles-Lyn Lightbourn
Children’s House Support Teacher
Gerlie D. Macapanas
Children’s House Teacher
John C. Madiro
MYP Science/DP Physics Teacher
Meghan H. Manders
Lower Primary Teacher
Roger M. Marshall
Kayleigh F. Masters
Children’s House Teacher
Kevin Maybury
Facilities Manager
Bonnie McGlynn
M4-DP Learning Support Teacher/DP Psychology and Theory of Knowledge Teacher
Bernadette D. McIntosh-Tucker
Brooke Mello
Children’s House Teacher
Haleigh B. Merrill
MYP Individuals and Societies/DP History Teacher
Tamika N.Miranda
Lower Primary Teacher
Emma L. Moran-Lee
Rio-Rita Morton
Anne M. Ngaruiya
Children’s House Teacher
Tracy Osborne
Lower Primary Teacher
Anthony Outerbridge
Director of IT
Janice Outerbridge
Division Head Children’s House/Lower Primary
Kim M. Owens
MYP Design and DP Design Technology Teacher
Janice Pearman
Lower Primary/Upper Primary/M1 Music Teacher
Ankeysha Place
Assistant Financial Controller
Alan D. Potts
MYP and DP Math Teacher
Brice Pursell
MYP Language & Literature Teacher and MYP Curriculum Coordinator
Orlando Roberts
MYP Science Teacher
Nicole Robinson
Children’s House Art Teacher
Shanette E. Robinson
CH Support Teacher
Joyanne Rolph
MYP Language & Literature Teacher
Kim Rose
MYP Individuals and Societies/DP Global Politics and Theory of Knowledge Teacher/Extended Essay Coordinator
Katharine J. Ross
Division Head and DP Coordinator
Angus Shillitoe
MYP and DP Math Teacher
Lucrecia Simmons
Lower Primary Teacher
Shampagne Simmons
Lower Primary Teacher
Susan Simons
Communications Coordinator
Jennifer L. Simpson
MYP and DP Spanish Teacher/Creativity Activity Service Coordinator/ Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader
Zayla Smith
Children’s House Teacher
Sophia J.M. Sontag
MYP and DP Music Teacher
Sakina Steede
Co-Head of Student Support and Wellness
Marilyn A. Swainson
Lower Primary Teacher
Ria Swan
MYP Science Teacher
Kate H. Sweeney
Science Team Leader/ MYP Science and DP Chemistry Teacher
Danielle N. Tannock
Children’s House Teacher/Team Leader
Louise V. Tannock
Lower Primary Art Teacher
Carolyn Toogood
Upper Primary/MYP Art Teacher
Megan Troake
Children’s House/Lower Primary PHE Teacher
Da-Von Wade
MYP PHE Teacher
Phillip P. Wakefield
MYP and DP Language & Literature Teacher
Martha A. Wallace
Children’s House Teacher/Team Leader
Stacey-Lee Williams
Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Head of Administration
Amy Winstanley
Children’s House/Lower Primary PHE Teacher
Summer L. Wood
MYP and DP Visual Arts Teacher/ MYP Curriculum Coordinator
Sharlene Young
MYP Science and DP Biology Teacher

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at
or email info@somersfield.bm