A World Class Alternative


A little over 25 years ago, a group of parents envisioned an exceptional school – an inviting place of learning where all students, of all backgrounds would receive the finest education available anywhere. 


Our Strategic Goal is to continue to offer each of our students a uniquely challenging, inquiry-based educational experience from age 3 through 18 in the school they love; a school with a campus built to suit their needs, nurturing teaching methodologies guided by powerful Montessori and International Baccalaureate (IB) philosophies.


To achieve this, and to ensure that all our students benefit from the improvements, we are implementing a Whole-School Plan centred on expanding our campus, extending our programmes and developing our teaching staff.

We are appealing for $6 million in donor support to make it happen.


Whole School Upgrades


Upgrade the whole school. We will make improvements to the Science, Technology, Arts, Music, and Primary division playground

Extend Our Programmes


Revamp existing spaces to better serve our current students' needs. Upgrade and provide a new building on our campus, a broader array of technology and learning materials

Develop Our Teaching Staff


Continue to develop our Montessori and IB MYP teachers. Hire outstanding IB heads and teachers for the Diploma Programme


Community Partnerships

& Outreach

Annual Back To School BBQ

Widen our community and inter-school partnerships. All areas of Bermuda benefit from our dedication to community service and making change for good

Learning Support Suite


Our learning strategists, external tutors and therapists will be provided with a dedicated suite of offices and space to offer support to our students

STEAM Subjects


STEAM subjects are integrated in our interdisciplinary 

programmes. These programmes will receive dedicated instructional space.


Our whole-school plan for Somersfield Academy will lead us to this dream. Support from our donors will ensure it becomes our

near-term reality. 

Science &

Language Lab


The exciting VR Science and Language Lab will provide enhanced learning experiences for foreign language immersion and conducting simulated science experiments in a safe virtual laboratory

Arts &

Digital Media


This will provide expanded opportunities for students to explore visual arts through traditional mediums as well as digital design, media, and technology

Recording Studio


The recording studio will support the music programme and introduce students to sound technology for recording and mastering their audio compositions


Gardens &

Eco Space

Hammer Houghton Gardening Feb'15 -7.jpg

A green space will offer students and staff a place to study or relax amongst the natural foliage and water feature.

Children's House & Primary Division


Children’s House Art Room​


Full Day student centre


Improved space for Children’s House Classrooms


Access / Proximity to green areas and playground

New Primary Playground

School Wide



Gallery space for displaying

student artwork

New Common Room

Library Space to broaden

holdings for students

Instrumental Music Room 

Outdoor Basketball half-court

Fitness Trail and Community Obstacle Course



Supporting Somersfield Academy's Capital Campaign is one of the best investments you can make. Every gift, no matter what the size, contributes to a circle of support. The cumulative impact of giving goes beyond the borders of the campus, into the local community and out into the world.

Not only do our students excel academically at the global level, they become dynamic contributors to Bermuda's workforce. Our students embrace diversity and promote social justice, priming them to lead both locally and globally.


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