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Welcome to what promises to be another exciting year at the home of the stars – Somersfield Academy!  For those of you who are new to the school, I extend a warm Somersfield welcome to you!  Please know that you are joining a family with one common objective – to fulfill the Somersfield “Promise” by providing the most stimulating and supportive learning experiences for our students to realize their greatest potentials.


The theme of this school year is “Somersfield Academy - 20/20 Vision!”


This year, we can proudly proclaim that we are poised to realize the long-awaited vision to offer the full pre-university educational journey to our students! From Montessori to the I.B. Diploma, our program vision is clear and will be achieved this 20/20 academic year!


While we can celebrate that we now offer the finest educational programs available anywhere, we recognize that it is our people who truly make our school great. Above and beyond our outstanding curriculum and our fresh and fabulous facility, we are most proud of our special Somersfield family.  It is our student/teacher bond and our close partnership with our parents that make our school exceptional.

As we begin this new year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our parents for your ongoing support of our school and the outstanding team of teachers and staff who genuinely care about our students, are passionate about inspiring young minds, uncovering and fostering their talents, honoring their daring dreams, and are committed to making a positive and enduring difference in the lives of learners. Thank you, family, for your active participation in and contribution to this, the highest of pursuits –the development of great people.

As a result of our partnership, our school is an inviting place of learning- alive with energy, enthusiasm, open smiles and the uninhibited happiness of youth! It is, indeed, a dynamic place of progress and promise, a place where opportunities abound!

I would, most especially, like to thank everyone for your patience over the past year and for pardoning the pains that accompanied the intense development.  While we understand that the dust and dirt were a necessary part of the progress, we’re pleased that all major construction works are over and we have our full campus back in fine form!


I am, therefore, pleased to share the following campus update:


  • The final touches have been completed to the iconic International Centre which proudly presents in the northeast corner.

  • The field has been seeded, spiked, watered and is now a luscious Somersfield green!

  • The new science suite has been completed with three new state-of-the-art science labs and prep center – an outstanding improvement to our instructional spaces.

  • The Learning Support’s Success Suite has been completed with new inviting tutorial spaces.

  • All classroom and office spaces have been refreshed by our custodial and maintenance teams to ensure a fresh teaching and learning environment.


The metamorphosis is almost complete and it’s an exciting time to be here at Somersfield!


While the 2018-19 academic year delivered many milestones, every milestone is a stepping stone along our journey towards a brighter future for our school.  Like the dawning of a new day, the new school year reminds us that the future holds infinite possibilities. It is our responsibility to actively reflect and seize each new day’s opportunities!


We have listened to your feedback, are stronger and better for it and are making the improvements to ensure that we continue to fulfill the overarching Somersfield Promise.


Towards this end, the 20/20 vision includes the following initiatives:

  • Implementation of the I.B. Diploma Program

  • Establishing Somersfield Academy as the local leader in STEAM and Instructional Technology

  • Supporting teachers in the delivery of exemplary instruction and support of each student

  • Helping individual students better understand how they learn

  • Improving parent communications and collaboration

  • Providing families with expanded resources to support their children at home

  • Ensuring that each student is engaged in Creative, Active and Service-focused co-curricular pursuits

  • Reinforcing the school’s learner profile attributes to ensure that we are developing caring, supportive and socially conscious young people who consistently engage in positive behaviours

  • Setting the standard and reaffirming our lead as Bermuda’s premier eco-friendly school by reducing one-use plastics and trash, and taking our mission to the wider community

  • Developing community partnerships to enhance and broaden our students’ learning experiences


Please be reminded that my door is always open and I look forward to working in close partnership with you to better meet the individual needs of our students so that our small school remains Bermuda’s finest! 


Welcome to a school year filled with hope, vision and excitement!  Let’s make it a great one together!


Carlos Symonds,

Head of School 

T: 441-236-9797

F: 441-236-9789

107 Middle Rd, DV 06, Bermuda

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