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We look forward to honouring our next class of talented graduates.


Our students leave Somersfield with extraordinary and special qualities. They are recognised as being particularly confident, self-motivated learners with an enthusiasm and passion for learning.

Somersfield students who complete both the IB MYP and the rigorous IB Diploma Programme have acquired a strong academic foundation, thus ensuring that their plans for university, and beyond, be fulfilled. However, it is increasingly accepted that long term success in the 21st century will not be solely based on a traditional academic education.

We pride ourselves in offering an educational programme that teaches about social responsibilities, about the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, about pursuing truth, peace and individual passions.

We address healthy life choices. We seek to ensure that our students are good communicators, understand collective responsibility and the need for independence, as well as being a vibrant member of the community.

Our strong student academic results enable us to send our students on to the next stage of their educational journey, secure in the knowledge that they are well-rounded, insightful, confident and passionate young people who will shine academically and be active global citizens.

Our graduates have attended prestigious institutions of higher education around the world, and many are now leaders in their chosen professions both here in Bermuda and abroad. 


This current cohort of Somersfield Academy graduates is the latest in a strong history of successful IB students.  However, the class of 2021, is the first to have been able to complete their entire secondary education right here at Somersfield Academy.  A new chapter has begun.


I'm currently attending the University of Leeds in the UK, where I'm studying Sports Science and Physiology, and training with the Leeds Triathlon Center. I think Somersfield has changed a lot over the past 25 years, and will continue to change in a positive way. My time there certainly had a major effect on my life, how I think, and the way I learn. Hopefully it will have the same beneficial impact on current and future students.  

Tyler Smith

Class of 2014

Firstly, I cannot believe that it has been 16 years since I graduated and it is 25 years since the opening but I am and always will be an extremely proud founding student. The school has come such a long way since I was there, even though I will always remember Tivoli and my wonderful memories in and around the property. I am looking forward to catching up with my past classmates and celebrating such a momentous milestone. It is impressive that no matter how much time passes by, the same motto of “Teach me to do it myself” & the Montessori way is still so alive.  

Emily Sheere - Fairmont Southampton Conventions Department

Class of 2000

This is an amazing milestone for a wonderful institution and I feel very honoured to be one of the founding students.  Whenever I have a young patient who attends a Montessori School, I love talking to the kids and parents about their experience. It provided the foundation and building blocks for my educational journey and career path, and I hope it continues to provide this essential preparation to many more children for years to come.

Jiney Caines - Doctor of Optometry

Class of 1999

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Somersfield Alum Leah Smith recently graduated from IMG Academy as a star on the soccer field and in the classroom. Smith’s soccer coach at IMG Academy, Kim Dean, described her, saying, “From the beginning, she was a natural leader, just with her work rate and how she carried herself. Everybody loves her on an off the field.” From Bermuda to IMG Academy, and now on to New York University.


This is Leah Smith’s ‘Signing Day’ story.