A Lively Learning Experience


In October 1990, the Montessori Education Trust, a non-profit, charitable trust, was formed by a group of committed parents to establish a diverse Montessori school community for children up to the age of 12, provide financial assistance and support Montessori teacher training. By September 1991 Montessori Academy opened its doors to 72 children and the success of our academic programme saw our student body grow in leaps and bounds. By 1997 we reached maximum capacity of 135 children.

In September 2001, the Montessori International Academy was relocated to Devonshire and introduced a brand new IB Middle Years Programme based on the work of the International Baccalaureate Organisation. A new name Somersfield Academy and logo were developed to reflect the school’s identity, philosophy and location and to promote the school’s newly expanded role in Bermuda’s academic community.

Built on the grounds of the former Nationals Field on land first owned by the Somers Company, the school’s new name also connects it to the Island itself, which was originally known as the Somers Isles. The words and visual marks capture the essence of our Montessori and Middle Years Programmes, maintaining continuity with the past and creating a unique and positive identity for the school.


    Somersfield Academy will provide

 a unique educational experience for all its students based firmly

on the ideals of 'The Somersfield Promise,

the explicit beliefs of the 'Core Values Statement'

and our 'Commitment to Diversity.


To stimulate intellectual curiosity and accomplishment; to instil compassion and respect; and always to honour the daring dreams and hidden talents of the individual.


Inspiring socially conscious independent thinkers.


We are a learning community
We practice peace
We inspire intellectual curiosity
We foster independence and responsibility
We embrace a sense of joy and wonder
We honour the strength and courage to stand for truth
We instil respect for self and others

A Diverse Learning Experience


We believe that a diverse and inclusive community is the richest learning environment for young people. Our mission is to support teaching and learning within our community by initiating and sustaining activities and discussions that promote understanding and respect.

We are responsible for building an environment of trust where each individual feels safe and included. We are committed to the challenge of confronting issues of injustice, discrimination, and intolerance and we encourage challenges to biases and assumptions.

We believe that by creating a safe and nurturing environment, our staff and students will feel empowered to maintain this inclusive attitude in their interactions with the local and global community.