“An investment in education always pays the highest interest!” - Ben Franklin


As a parent of a Somersfield “Star”, we are appealing to you to help us shape the future development of the school.

We want to put your financial contributions to work where you think they will most meaningfully improve your child’s education experience. We want to be sure, however, that you have an understanding of how our school is funded, what the funding is used for and what it will take for us to continue our successful evolution as a five star school of distinction.

Although we can boast of having the freshest and most dynamic outlook in Bermuda, and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of teaching and learning innovations, we remain a young school that does not have the extensive alumni support within the community that the more established schools enjoy. As such, the support of our parents and our limited community partners is both prized and critical to our development.

Three important points to bear in mind as you contemplate what you want the school to provide in future years are:

  1. We strive to limit tuition costs to a level that supports teacher salaries and facility overhead

  2. Keeping our tuition as low as possible makes a Somersfield education achievable for more families

  3. Beyond the basic overhead costs, all other curriculum, program and facility development depends on donated funds